Prince William: The photo with Harry’s book is causing quite a stir

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The supposed photo of William causes a stir on the netPhoto: dpa/Jane Barlow

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Recently, Prince William has had to take on a lot. His younger brother Prince Harry lashed out at him not only in his Netflix documentary but also in his memoirs. One passage in particular, in which Harry describes how his brother attacked him, caused a sensation even before the book was published.

Neither King Charles III, nor William, nor his wife Kate have commented on Harry’s allegations repeatedly made against them publicly. While the late Queen Elizabeth II issued a statement after the interview with Oprah Winfrey calling the allegations of racism “disturbing,” the royals have so far remained staunchly silent about Harry’s allegations.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons why the photo was so sensational. It seems to show the prince and princess in a private situation – which is surprising because of one detail.

Prince William: What is behind this photo?

The slightly blurred image shows two people who look disconcertingly like William and Kate. They sit on a bed, and Kate eats a veggie burger and looks at her husband curiously. He’s holding Harry’s diary, reading it, and he doesn’t look happy. William and Kate reading Harry’s book in bed at night? Could this really be?

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No, because the photo is fake, of course. Photographer Allison Jackson took it as part of an advertising campaign for meat alternatives. But it’s not the first time Jackson has recreated supposedly intimate scenes from the royal family with models. Shortly after the memoir was published, she posted a clip of what appeared to be Harry drinking alcohol with Queen Camilla. And at Christmas time, she had sent her husband William and Kate shopping in a supermarket and photographed them too.

The British press carried extensive and enthusiastic reporting on the campaign, and Jackson’s fans also think the idea of ​​showing William and Kate in such intimate moments is a great idea. “To the point…probably,” someone commented below the post.

Charles and Camilla are also a problem

It is not officially known if William and Kate have actually read Harry’s book in the meantime. There are also no photos showing William with his brother’s diary. But judging by the comments under the photo, there are many who can imagine such a scenario. By the way, there is another similar image for the campaign. It shows Charles and Camilla sitting on a couch, each nibbling on a burger. Here, too, the doubles look disconcertingly similar to their role models.

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