Stimulation of metabolism with vitamin C

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Drink lemon water on an empty stomach in the morning to stimulate your metabolism and help you lose weight. Be sure to pay attention to the water temperature.

For some they just taste sour, while others are must-have health-builders and still others rely on lemons for weight loss. This little yellow citrus is big when it comes to our health. Lemon is very rich in vitamin C and can strengthen our immune system if consumed regularly. In addition, vitamin C improves the absorption of iron in the human body, which in turn allows many cellular biological processes to function better. The wonderful tropical fruit detoxifies, ensures firm skin, improves wound healing, and helps prevent constipation as well as weight loss.

Weight loss: Lemon water before breakfast helps

Lemon water boosts metabolism and fat burning. (iconic image) © Christian Ostmo / Imago

The juice of just one lemon (about 50 ml) contains 25 mg of vitamin C and already covers 25 percent of the recommended daily amount. The high amount of vitamin C in lemons is important for our hormone production, not only for the happy hormone serotonin, but also for the neurotransmitter norepinephrine, which boosts metabolism and fat burning.

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Start with the weight you want

The weight loss program “21 days to lose weight” is based on warm lemon water in the morning. The course has been developed by experts in medicine and psychology and focuses on the teaching of Ayurveda. With a healthy diet and a little exercise, you can achieve your desired weight. Try the weight loss course now for free (promotional link).

Eating four lemons a day can help not only to get the full dose of vitamin C, but also to lose weight. According to experts, losing weight works better with diet than with exercise and sports.

Lemon water weight loss advice

Lemon water trick: Before breakfast, squeeze a lemon and stir the juice into a glass of warm water. Because: warm water stimulates the metabolism and thus digestion. Drink on an empty stomach and wait at least 30 minutes before eating – you’ll quickly feel your metabolism improving and feeling full too. As a result, you end up eating smaller portions and therefore fewer calories. Increase the feeling of satiety by eating the so-called middle fruit of lemon.

Apple cider vinegar, which also improves skin complexion, is also a real help when it comes to losing weight, as is coffee at specific times and concentrated strength with the coffee and lemon diet trend. A certain TikTok trend of losing weight with orange juice on espresso is currently causing quite a stir.

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