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Jana “Urkraft” Pallaske last week made her disturbing admission at camp: At age 19 she had severe anorexia.Photo: RTL

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“I almost died of anorexia when I was 19, and I don’t want to arouse my body that way,” Jana “Urkraft” Balaskey admitted tearfully to roommate and jungle chef Babys Loveday on the RTL show “Jungle Camp.”

It was the seventh day in the camp, which means: seven days of barely eating, seven days of hunger. The result: a bad mood, tingling, and mental stress. But for Jana Palask, as a former anorexic patient, it may have been particularly difficult, because she felt reminded of a difficult time in her life: “I realized it myself at the time, and I wanted to get out of there and go through this stark experience and this switch: ‘I want to I live!”.

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All the stars of the camp are starving. This is particularly difficult for Jana “Urkraft” Pallaske.Photo: RTL

Because of this, she said on the camera phone in the woods, the hunger in the camp was very hard for her. Since the brutal experience of her anorexia, she has taken care of her body, this “precious vehicle”. She once lived in the woods with little food, but she didn’t expect it to be so bad. “Alarm bells go off again when it’s noticed that things are going in the right direction again,” says Jana, as she tortures her body in the camp with food deprivation.

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Jana talks about her experience with anorexia on Jungle Phone.Photo: rtl

Shouldn’t a former anorexic patient like Jana Palask prefer torture with starvation like in a jungle camp if it’s not good for her body and psyche? Or can it be positive to face your trauma?

“Because of the strong psychological pressure in front of the camera, but also because of the tasks, there is a great risk of degradation.”

Hans Horter talks about the former anorexic patients in the camp

Watson has dr. asked Hannes Horter. He specializes in psychiatry and psychotherapy at two clinics in Oberberg, where he also mainly treats patients with eating disorders.

Dr. Hannes Hurter

Hannes Hurter is the Chief Physician at the Oberberg Psychiatric Clinics in Hannover and Würzburgland.Photo: Oberberg Kliniken

Watson: What exactly is anorexia and how common is it?

Hans Horter: Eating disorders in the broad sense are common. Especially in girls and young women. About 20 percent of all teens show signs of an eating disorder. Full-blown eating disorders are less common, but about 2.8 percent of women will have a binge eating disorder (an addiction to food), 2.6 percent will have bulimia, also known as bulimia or binge eating, and 2 to 3 percent will develop it at some point. Anorexia nervosa, also known as anorexia or anorexia. Despite some similarities, there are distinct differences between eating disorders, which makes it difficult to generalize.

How dangerous is it for those affected to take part in a TV show like jungle camp, where you rarely eat anything and only have one side for two weeks?

People who are currently suffering from a serious mental illness, including anorexia nervosa, should not participate in such a television programme. Because of the strong psychological pressure in front of the camera, but also because of the tasks, there is a great risk of degradation. The answer to the question of someone with a treated eating disorder and the solution is much more complex. The ultimate goal of treatment is recovery and a normal life. Blanket bans are often unhelpful. You should consider your current mental and physical health.

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There were arguments and hearings about food in the jungle camp after a few days.Photo: RTL

Many sufferers continue to show certain signs of the disease, or a susceptibility to recurrence, even after treatment for anorexia. Especially if people are still very thin, they quickly slide into underweight if they don’t eat enough. This can also lead to a relapse into anorexia, which is eventually sustained by emaciated self-body interactions.

How about jungle experiences where you encounter disgusting things that you have to eat?

Since people with anorexia care so much about their diet, eating disgusting things is definitely a special “stress factor”. Thus, participation in such a television program is much more dangerous for people with such a disease than for others.

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Disgusting food like a cow’s nose in the woods is a test for camp prisoners Julina and Marcus. Photo: RTL/Stefan Thoyah

So, could being on the show cause anorexia to relapse?

Starving yourself again, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, can lead to a relapse. The stress of participating in such a TV show can add to this.

“‘Uncontrolled’ coping through forced starvation is certainly not a helpful measure here.”

Hannes Hurterfor Watson

Could it also be a good idea, as a former person with an eating disorder, to bring up the topic of food?

Even after the attack of the disease subsides, it makes sense to continue to deal with the disease in the appropriate amount. In addition to ongoing psychotherapy or psychotherapy, self-help groups are also useful here. “Uncontrolled” coping through forced starvation is certainly not a helpful measure here. I also do not advise anyone who is a “dry” alcoholic to try alcohol.

“Eating is still a problem, and after many years they suffer from mental or physical illnesses.”

Will you completely get rid of the eating disorder you recovered from or will food always be an issue?

It continues to be a problem for many of those affected, and after many years they suffer from mental or physical problems. In a Swedish study, 15-year-old girls with anorexia nervosa were followed for 30 years. After 30 years, 64 percent of them had made a full recovery — they’d been symptom-free for at least six months. 36 percent – more than a third – were not! On average, the women in the study experienced symptoms of an eating disorder for 10 out of 30 years.

What is the best way to deal with recovering from anorexia? Are you talking about it or not?

Whether or not to go out with a disease and under what circumstances is a very personal decision – whether a jungle camp is the right place? I’m going to be more conservative about it…because an eating disorder is a very intimate thing. It affects one’s perception of one’s body and self-esteem. In general, there is still a stigma associated with mental illness and many face the problem with a lack of understanding.

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Jana opened up to her camp roommate Babis and tearfully told her about her eating disorder. that was good?Photo: rtl

At the same time, especially in times of crisis, you need people to support you. Therefore, I recommend thinking carefully: who do I want to tell you about and what do I want to say? Who might actually know or at least think so? What is the right framework to open me up? Who should I tell to avoid further damage or to get needed help?

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First of all: there are no tips that will suddenly make family life so easy and just so full of happiness. But in the course of five years, I had experiences that made the days and sometimes feelings more bearable and managed to keep myself from going completely crazy.

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