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Delivery from Pain Review – Unique Zombie Survival Game – PIXEL.

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Childbirth in pain

With Delivery From the Pain, development studio DigiPotato Studio and HuaYiTianXin have created a unique zombie survival game that never existed for a second. Sure, we know zombie games well, and yes, survival games too. What makes Delivery From the Pain so unique and why should you check this particular game out!? We explain all this in our Pain Nintendo Switch delivery test. We had a chance to test the Switch version of Delivery From the Pain and we want more! We always want more of it…

Zombie survival with a great story

It’s all in the beginning. What kind of game is delivered in pain anyway? We find ourselves weaker in a world already overrun by zombies. Most of the people of this city or country have already fled or just turned into monstrous zombies who have only one thing in mind: eat our brains! At first, we get support from a stranger who covered her entire face. Metal Gear Solid 5 Memories: TPP Awakened. We managed to escape and get an explanation of some of the game’s mechanics along the way. A win-win situation.

Once at the safe house, more explanations, missions, and freedoms follow. Delivery of pain takes us by the hand. Our comrade is injured, there was a night attack. Our friend managed to fend it off, but he was badly wounded. Now we are supposed to find a medicine for our comrade so that we can save him. Already we have our first trip alone in this very dangerous world of zombies. Everything we’ve seen so far, except for the story, has been there multiple times. Run from A to B, get something there and put it back, or take out a horde of zombies who have settled in a building so that one of them can nest there in peace.

Childbirth in pain

No, no, that’s not exactly how it works in Delivery From the Pain. DigiPotato Studio, HuaYiTianXin created something different here, and I have to say I like it very much! In Delivery From the Pain, there are not only resources for creating various tools, weapons or furniture, no, we also have a second currency, so to speak. time. Exactly, time plays a very important role in giving birth from pain. Because in the beginning, he made it clear to us that we shouldn’t be out after a certain time. By outside, we mean outside the safe house. This makes a huge difference in terms of gameplay, because we are constantly under tremendous pressure.

Childbirth in pain

The delivery of pain plays with time

Let’s take a supermarket as a good example. In Delivery From the Pain, we first have to go to said supermarket, and that takes time. We look around meticulously and take whatever we find with us. Of course zombies do exist, because they lurk around every corner. disgusting! Anyway, we also have to think about the way back. This also takes time that we actually don’t have. As you can see, we have to watch the clock before it’s too late and zombies kill us. Once we get to the camp, we need not only the resources collected to produce the various items, but also the time. For whatever you want to do, time plays a very important role.

You might think that giving in to pain wants to impose a part of reality on us. Just like in the game itself, it’s also the case in real life that we always have a little time for something. I think the game mechanic is top notch. That’s what I love most about the game, Delivery From the Pain. DigiPotato Studio and HuaYiTianXin have created something really cool. Well, we’ve been writing about game mechanics for a long time now, let’s move on to the next part. Delivery From the Pain is an open world game, though not quite what you’d expect from other open world games. Once we get to Deliver From Pain, we have our very own Safe House, which is placed on one map board.

Childbirth in pain

We have a big map, only the city, country, where we are. Our safe house is very far away, and we have to go north. Tokens are placed on the map, are randomly generated and can be controlled. Then we find ourselves, for example, in a supermarket again, or in a school, and-and-and. The variety of locations is very large, and each area has its own source of danger, so each location presents a new challenge. Sure, we have load times between zones, or when we get back from the high-rise to our safe house. But this in no way spoils the flow of the game. In the meantime, you can even breathe a sigh of relief.

Childbirth in pain

DigiPotato Studio, HuaYiTianXin does not develop things in half

Delivery From the Pain looks incredibly good, probably because it brings different gameplay mechanics that are well suited to such a game and blows a breath of fresh air into it. Who knows, but this is what we need now. Breathing new life into an almost outdated genre without taking any major turns. The developers are doing everything here, more than that, they are probably setting up new points that will have to be connected in the future. Delivery From the Pain is a unique zombie survival game, and that’s a good thing. There are no massive zombie battles with a craving for destruction where gods have to shake their heads. Rather, a journey with an uncertain end.

We are allowed to enjoy the game from a top-down perspective, so we can see everything from above. In some situations, the camera moves and we are presented with a cool first-person video. Honestly, Delivery From the Pain could have been played in a third-person view. Here, however, the developers have opted for a top-down variant, which also slides well off the fingers. The first few minutes hooked me into the game instantly. brilliant. What can we expect from the visual aspects of delivery of pain? Well, you can tell that the game is a bit older or the graphics have dust.

Childbirth in pain

We can’t anticipate The Ascent, there are no nearby RTX features that decorate the game with real-time reflections, shadows, etc. Zombie game, Delivery From the Pain is an indie game that is just looking for a place in the masses, but it definitely stands out with its unique mechanics. The graphics look very cohesive and true to genre, are detailed and work well on key. I didn’t notice any FPS drops, nor any bugs, so the developers, DigiPotato Studio, HuaYiTianXin have done a great job here. I would go so far as to say there is no difference in the PC version.

Childbirth in pain

Where survival begins and where fun ends

You should definitely not ignore childbirth pain. For all the survival lovers among you, this title has it all. FSK 16 well deserved. We are allowed to loot, sneak, butcher, build and survive. Deliverance from pain offers a lot and wants to prove itself in today’s world. We hope indie developers will come up with more of these unique games as we are incredibly big fans of the game. The Switch version of Delivery From the Pain doesn’t care about losses, no, it really does pack a punch. So if you are looking for a special zombie survival game in a top-down mania, then Delivery From the Pain is the best choice. All survival hearts will be defeated faster here!

I can hardly report anything on the PC version myself, but for the Switch version, don’t ask for sunshine. And as far as I know there is even a mobile version of Delivery From the Pain, amazing! At this point I would like to thank DigiPotato Studio, who made this test possible in the first place. At the same time, we commend this unique Zombie Survival gaming experience. Here more hours are sunk and hopefully escape from the city, the country is going happily. I wanted to briefly mention one thing, which I also think is good, that we can also take a companion with us on our rides. I find it really cool. Nice tool.!

Digi Potato Studio

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