Shitstorm vs. Golden Raspberry: This is why anti-Oscars lenders are getting slammed

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This year’s Oscar nominations were announced today, with “Everything Everywhere Every Time” leading. It was known yesterday who was nominated for a Razzie Awards – and that’s now causing trouble on the internet.

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Filmmakers who have been nominated for the Golden Raspberry Award, perhaps the most famous award for film negatives, should try to take this “honor” with good humor. Many manage to do this, and sometimes stars come to the Razzie Awards and pick berries – like Sandra Bullock (for There’s That About Steve) and Halle Berry (for “Catwoman”), who are famous for not only not having an Oscar in the closet, but also golden fruits.

But it takes a bit of life experience and filmmaking savvy to be able to handle this dubious honor with ease. And Ryan Kira Armstrong, who was just nominated for a Golden Raspberry Award, shouldn’t necessarily have that yet. That’s why there is now a real one on Twitter Shitstorm has broken out against those in charge of the Razzie Awards, because 12-year-old Ryan Kiera Armstrong is only for her role in Stephen King’s horror film.fire starterHe was nominated for Worst Actress.

Too Much Trouble on Twitter: “The world really should be broken”

When the nominations for the 2023 Razzies were announced Jan. 23, the young actress joined Diane Keaton, Bryce Dallas Howard, Kaya Scodelario, and Alicia Silverstone among the nominees in that category.

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The fact that a child is saddled with such shame that it could lead to bullying is now under fire on the internet – Among other things, the industry magazine also published variety He commented on Twitter: “If you thought the Razzies were any less mean this year, consider a 12-year-old girl among the worst candidates for actress.”

Many Twitter users are angry. Aharon Keshales wrote that the world should really break if a 12-year-old were nominated for a Razzie Award, it would put tremendous stress on the child. According to Joe Russo they are Raids dropped to a new low.

It’s never okay to nominate a 12-year-old – she has friends who are former child actors and she knows the struggles they struggled with, writes comedian Sarah O’Connell. And Liz Williams succinctly wrote, It is disgusting to nominate a child for this award.

The 11-year-old actor Julian Hilliard (“WandaVision”) wrote in a well-received tweet that the raids are indeed mean and low-key, but to nominate a child is disgusting and wrong. “Why would we put a child at increased risk of bullying or worse? Be better,” Hilliard concludes.

Ryan Keira Armstrong isn’t the first kid to be nominated for a Golden Raspberry Award. Perhaps the most prominent example Jake Lloyd He is best known for his role as young Anakin Skywalker in “Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom MenaceHe has been nominated twice – once solo and once in the worst screen duo alongside Natalie Portman.

Jake Lloyd’s example has also been cited in many of the tweets. Because the child star had to take a lot of grudges after his role in Star Wars, and the fact that he was nominated for a negative award should have given many haters of the previous series more fuel. Mark Hamill Lead in interviews Time and time again how angry he was that “fans” treated this then ten year old kid so badly.

Razzie Awards are traditionally presented on the eve of the Academy Awards. The Oscars will be presented on March 13 this year – And here, too, the candidates are now known. The most nominations, 11 in all, were for the crazy multiverse comedy “Everything Everywhere All At Once”, followed by the German Netflix war drama “Nothing New in the West” with nine nominations. Here you can find an overview of all nominations:

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