Handball World Cup 2023 Live Streaming Today: Germany – France Quarter-finals on TV Live and Pointer – Extra throw-in later and Zychel not in the team

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World Cup match against the German national handball team in the quarter-finals – but later than expected!

The kick-off against world record holders France, which was already scheduled to take place in prime time Wednesday night from 8:30pm, was pushed back by nearly 20 minutes and only started at 8:52pm.

The reason: The duel between Norway and Spain, which previously took place in Gdańsk, has been extended twice so that Germany and their French opponent in the hall can start warming up and playing afterwards.

“It could be an advantage for us. The French know the process before the quarter-finals a little better. It’s now new for everyone,” said Axel Kromer, NBD’s director of sports. ZDF.

Either way, the match is a huge part in the battle for the semifinals. (All information about the Handball World Cup 2023)

Spanish drama against Norway cause delays

From now on, national coach Alfred Gislason’s team motto is: all or nothing – win or fly!

“This is the strongest possible opponent. We have to play a great match,” said Gislason, who threw himself into video studies before continuing to the Baltic Sea. (Photo: Karapatik: The Monster of World Handball)

No wonder, because Les Bleus can count on exceptional players and stars like Nikola Karabatić and Deka Mem, who have only won the previous matches in the tournament. (News: The location of the DHB cracker on TV)

But Germany, too, had successes only until the last match – and therefore still hot for more: the first setback in the current World Cup tournament – the main defeat on the tour against Norway – stopped. (single critique: right back space away from rolls)

What fuels the euphoria: For the first time in four years, the German Handball Federation (DHB)’s selection at the World Cup or European Championship is back in the knockout stages. And for the first time since Poland’s winter wonderland in 2016, when it won the title, it can return to the podium. (Knorr Towers: “It’s on every piece of paper”)

How to watch the France-Germany World Cup quarter-final matches broadcast live:

television: ZDF and

direct picker: and SPORT1 app

World Handball Championship live broadcast: France – Germany

In order not to let the title dream explode, the German team must put everything in the balance against France. The belief in this persists at home, and all of Germany keeps its fingers crossed for its handball players. “I am absolutely convinced that we will survive the quarter-finals,” said Thomas Wickert, president of the German Football Association. (Top scorers in the World Handball Championship)

Subsequently nominated Tim Zeichel was initially left out: the pivotal player from HC Erlangen was the 17th player to arrive in Gdansk on Tuesday, but he is absent from the squad for the tour against France, which has just 16 players.

Recently injured backcourt player Paul Draux (Fuchsia Berlin) is part of the game.

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Either way: Johannes Julla firmly believed in German progress.

On the nearly hour-long journey from Kraków to Gdańsk, after a short night, each player tried to “close their eyes for a few minutes”, according to the DHB chief. “I hope we were all shaken by the loss and that we now have a championship failure. (News: France rock scandal)

“We aspired to say, ‘We want to win’. We’re not the favourites, but we’re not without chances,” said Kromer, NBD’s sports director.

A quick look at the World Cup quarter-finals on Wednesday, January 25:

6 pm: Norway – Spain (Eurosport f

6 pm: Denmark – Hungary (

8.30pm: Sweden – Egypt (

8:52 PM: France – Germany (ZDF and

National handball coach Alfred Gislason nominated Tim Zykel before the World Cup quarter-final against France.

Handball: Gislason nominated line runner Tim Zekil to the DHB team

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