Hockey World Cup: Quarterfinals – But Germany is already dreaming of the title

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Mats Grambusch led the German hockey players to the quarter-finals of the World Cup and is already talking openly about his dream of the title. The captain has a special relationship with the England national team (Wednesday 25th January 2023, 12pm on Sportschau live).

Mats Grambusch has already played a few big tournaments in his career – but it has to finally work out for this World Cup. The captain is aiming for the long-awaited gold medal in India and can now take a decisive step closer to the big target in the quarter-finals.

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“a matter of quality”

“We are all hungry and we want to win the title with this team”Grambusch confirms in an interview with the German Hockey Federation (DHB). Where does he get his self-confidence from? “It’s a question of the quality I see in our team” – According to the 30-year-old, he is currently “able to overcome all opponents”.

National hockey player Mats Grambusch talks about the World Cup in India in an interview with Sportschau “It’s great that there is a World Cup here!”

The country of the next opponent is well known to him. As a teenager, Grambush moved to England, where he planned to stay abroad for three months. But when his manager at the time gave him the chance to stay for two years, Grambusch jumped at the chance.

Save a year of studying in England

“I managed to save an academic year thereHe said and smiled broadly: “I’ve never been a big fan of school.” So Grambush graduated from high school there, at the same time he tried To play hockey at the highest level..

in the English club East Grinstead has in one “A successful team filled with former national players” Certainly You can take a lot with you.Grambusch said. But that wouldn’t do him much good in the quarter-finals, after all “It’s been ten years now.”.

England is still without a goal

In front of the fifth-ranked player in the world rankings, who did not concede a single goal during the tournament, sees the national coach Andre Henning “hard work” Get close to his team.

In an interview with Sportschau, national hockey coach Andre Henning assesses the chances of the German national team to win the World Cup.

But the coach counts his team among the contenders for the title, and the team has this ambition “Backup previous shows”. Grambusch also played a big role in this. He has contributed a goal in three of his four matches so far, only against holders Belgium and not making it to the scorer’s list – and Grambusch’s name still appears on it. Because his brother Tom, who was three years younger, was there to throw the seven metres.

The Grambush Brothers are also professionally related

While Mats channels the fortunes from midfield, the 27-year-old Tom cleans up in defence. And the two Gladbach natives are not only a team in terms of sport, but also handle tasks together as managing directors of a family business.

National hockey player Niklas Willen tells in an interview with Sportschau how he heard about being a father.

On a private level, the two could hardly have been more different, as Mats explained: He was more like him “the spontaneous person who does things at the last minute” Tom makes him in turn incredibly precise and accurate, you complement each other perfectly – also on the field.

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