1. FC Köln: 7 reasons: 1 behind Steffen Baumgart’s first win over Bayern Munich

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If it wasn’t enough for FC München to win this matchday 17, when would it be?

After the stunning win against Werder, FC is still in a frenzy at 7-1. Fans sang Saturday’s famous jersey hit. Coach Steffen Baumgart (51) has promised: “We’re not going to Munich now just to somehow live there. We want to take something with us!”

Why is this possible despite defender Timo Hoopers (26 / ill) withdrawing in the last minute? BILD gives 7 reasons: 1 for a possible coup today (8.30pm / Saturday 1st and Sky) in Munich.

Baumgart ambition

The Cologne coach is dying for this away win. “I never won there as a coach, I didn’t even score a single point,” admits Baumgart, who tried unsuccessfully five times with Paderborn and Cologne, received five bankruptcies and scored 19 goals. Baumgart is getting hotter today and will lead his boys to maximum performance.

“We want to take something with us,” coach Steffen Baumgart said bravely before the Bayern game.

Photo: Andreas Paul/Bild

Werder mad

The images and emotions of the 7-goal scene against Bremen must still be running through the heads of professionals. More motivation is not possible. Your belief in Baumgart’s attacking and stunning football is unwavering after that.

Tigges hack

Two goals scored, two goals ready, first-class BILD – Werder’s game gives hope that striker Steffen Tigges (24) has finally made his breakthrough in Cologne. Competition from winter Davie Selke (28) seems to be an inspiration for Tigges. Good, because it’s classified in Munich.

Selke’s Bayern kiosk

Star Access Selke is in demand again today as a joker, but he knows how to do it against Bayern Munich. Selke scored his only goal of the season so far in Berlin’s 3-2 draw against Munich in early November.

Davy Silk (left) came on as a joker for Tigges against Bremen.  He scored his only goal of the season against Bayern Munich

Davy Silk (left) came on as a joker for Tigges against Bremen. He scored his only goal of the season against Bayern Munich

Photo: Andreas Paul/Bild

The best run in Cologne

Baumgart can do big things! He has impressed his boys this season, especially against supposedly very strong opponents. Cologne scored goals against Leipzig (2: 2) and Frankfurt (1: 1) and even won the Eredivisie (3: 2)!

Crash trend stop

New year, new series? With 7: 1, the city of Cologne stopped the collapse in 2022 (three bankruptcies in a row). You can see: the winter break has been good for players who were once tired.

Baumgart premiere in Munich

The first game as coach of the club in Munich is encouraging! Cologne lost 2:3 in August 2021, but Bayern had a great sense until the decisive goal and still had good chances to equalize after that.

7: 1, the reasons for the coup against Bayern Munich. What speaks against Baumgart’s first victory in Munich? Discount!

“They are playing for the championship, and we are continuing to hold out,” Baumgart says, adding: “All their key players have been to the World Cup, but only one of us. You can always take your socks off.” Former coach Christoph Daum (69) celebrated Bayern’s recent victory over Bayern before 14 years old!

Colon goal party 47-meter goal and a side kick!

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