ER is the new Bachelor 2023: This is how Rosenkavalier knocks out David Jackson (32)

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The most amorous Rosenkavalier ever?

The thirteenth season could be coming! David Jackson is the ‘Bachelorette’ of 2023

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David Jackson is the new 2023 Bachelor

The new year has begun and that also means: It won’t be long before roses will be handed out again on RTL. Only ER is missing — which is why we’re presenting it now: David Jackson is “The Bachelor” 2023! In the video above, you can get to know the 32-year-old better, who will be handing out roses on RTL starting March 1st at 8:15pm { window.dataLayer.push( { event: ‘link_click’, link_type: ‘external’, link_url: ‘https://www.tvnow.de/shows/der-bachelor-1733?utm_campaign=textlink&utm_source=rtl&utm_medium=Owned&utm_term=der-bachelor&utm_content=5026890’}})()”> (NEW EPISODES ALWAYS AVAILABLE ON RTL+ a week ago – starting from February 22).

A quick overview of all the information about David’s bs

David Jackson will be handing out roses in season 13.

His Excellency is the new Bachelor: David Jackson.

Frank J. Fastner, RTL

Name: David Jackson
Age: 32
Education: Trained insurance salesman
Job: Template and content creator
Residence: Stuttgart
Height: 1.86
Single since: 3 years

David Jackson: “I grew up with a lot of love”

David Jackson, Bachelor 2023

David Jackson is the 13th Bachelor in Germany.

Frank J. Fastner, RTL

After four relationships and three years of being single, David is more than ready for the single lady by his side. “My idea of ​​a suitable partner is someone who is very loving, a family person,” the 32-year-old said in an interview with RTL. These qualities are especially important to him – and he also attributes them to himself.

Is David possibly the most passionate bachelor of all? In an interview prior to his love journey, he explains, “I grew up with a lot of love.” He owes this to three special people he grew up with: his mother, older sister, and twin sister. “I owe everything that defines me today to these three women,” said the 32-year-old. More precisely, it means: “Honesty, openness, empathy, empathy. To listen in order to want to understand. These are the things I carry within me.”


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“For me, there is nothing more masculine than being true to your feelings.”

David Jackson, Bachelor 2023

Will he finally find his true love? This is available from March 1st. To be seen on RTL.

Frank J. Fastner, RTL

David has learned to be open and honest about his feelings. He would also like to do it as a bachelor when millions of people watch it: “For me, there’s nothing manlier than standing by your feelings and talking about how you feel. It’s anything but vulnerability.”

When asked how he could know a woman didn’t suit him, the 32-year-old didn’t have to think long: “When she’s so cold.” David Jackson is sincere about it. But what if he realizes that the candidate is not serious? “I also hope they’re there to fall in love — and have no other intentions. It’s perfectly legitimate for someone to want more access. But please not at the expense of my feelings,” he says candidly.

The Bachelor wants to tackle Planned Parenthood

David Jackson

Which woman will convince a bachelor?

Frank J. Fastner, RTL

Everything could change for David on his journey as the 13th bachelor – and at best he will find the woman of his dreams. The American half wants to finally settle down and for him this also means: “I want to finally get to know the right person with whom I can also tackle family planning.” And he is absolutely sure: in search of a candidate for a bachelor’s degree, he will “acquaint himself anew on many levels.”

Of course, there is still some time before the season kicks off on March 1st at 8:15pm on RTL. {window.dataLayer.push({event: ‘link_click’, link_type: ‘extern’, link_url: ‘https://www.tvnow.de/shows/der-bachelor-1733?utm_campaign=textlink&utm_source=rtl&utm_medium= own&utm_term=der -bachelor & utm_content=5026890 ‘}}) ()”> Fortunately there is RTL +! Here all rose lovers can immerse themselves in the experiences of Dominik Stuckmann, Niko Griesert & Co. And new episodes are always available a week before – from February 22. (Koa)

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