NFL-New York Jets: Former offensive coordinator Aaron Rodgers is set to succeed Nathaniel Hackett

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With the appointment of Nathaniel Hackett as the new offensive coordinator, the New York Jets are setting course for the future.

After a very positive development for the team in the middle of the current season, the inexperienced team completely collapsed in the last third of the season and after six straight defeats and a 7-10 record in the end it still clearly missed the playoffs. .

This is exactly where the new tough guy behind the attack and preventing another drop in performance should start.

CBS describes Hackett as Bill Walsh’s West Coast Offensive Champion. In fact, the former Denver Broncos head coach is said to be not all that different from his Jets OC predecessor, Mike Lafleur, in terms of the planning approach to his game system.

On one point, however, the two coaches differ greatly: Hackett, as the offensive coordinator, represents success with the passer. A true quarterback is said to be a whisperer, operating at a very high level when installing a powerful offense around the starting quarterback.

And this is exactly where the shoe gets pinched with the jets. Because in order to be able to take the next step next season, it seems that someone else’s change after the realignment in the position of offense coach is almost inevitable.

A new quarterback was needed – and this time no more young talent from the draft. There is no project. No, he has to be a ready-made playmaker who can take it straight and take the franchise to a whole new level.

New York Jets: These officials promise a new quarterback

The Sparrows are already whistling from the rooftops: Zack Wilson, the second pick in the 2021 draft, has failed. And Mike White, who was likely to convince this season, isn’t the answer to the New York QB’s question.

Only the commitment of a successor to 23-year-old former pick Wilson remains missing — as a sort of completion of a power shift under the center at the Jets.

And officials at the New Yorker aren’t hiding the ongoing negotiations in the background, but they do stress freely about how things are currently going within the franchise.

Coach Robert Salih explicitly confirmed during negotiations with potential attacking coordinators that the club’s internally stated demand to search for the midfielder was discussed without hesitation. “We are determined to find one of the veterans,” Saleh said.

Billionaire franchise owner Woody Johnson recently called the veteran playmaker the “missing piece” on the team and vowed he would do everything he could to get a star in the league.

New York Jets: Is it all good for Aaron Rodgers?

Which player is the team’s target should surprise no one anymore: Aaron Rodgers.

The longtime Green Bay Packers quarterback is once again facing a historic hiatus after a very disappointing season and missing out on the playoffs.

Is Rodgers really gone this time? It appears to be more than the usual yearly speculation about the current MVP’s future.

The 39-year-old signed a new three-year contract just before the season, which ties him to the Wisconsin franchise until after the 2026 season. More likely than ever, the player and the Packers are considering parting ways.

“ESPN” expert Adam Schefter recently wrote that Green Bay would only listen to offers from the AFC for the veteran QB and would not want to promote a direct NFC competitor through a trade.

An added advantage for aircraft from East Asia. And it looks like it might not be the only franchise up its sleeve in promoting A-Rod.

New York Jets: Aaron Rodders to succeed Nathaniel Hackett

Rodgers knows Hackett well from their days with the Packers. Before the latter signed with the Broncos before the season, the star quarterback praised his longtime companion across the board and described his abilities as an offensive mastermind.

Hackett is a key piece of the puzzle behind Rodgers’ outstanding performances over the past several years. The end of the statement.

Now, after a very disappointing first season as a head coach, Hackett has demoted the coaching order and is once again doing what in the past has achieved such impressive results: ideally, bringing all of the offense’s horsepower to the court.

Meanwhile, Coach Saleh is an old acquaintance of Hackett’s on his new adventure. After more than half a decade working together for the Jacksonville Jaguars, they are now getting together.

And in all bliss, Hackett must now let his contacts play and eventually convince Rodgers to switch.

It’s like you’re just waiting in New York for the player to move. It looks like the blank contract is ready. The high value demanded of one of the biggest stars in the league no longer seemed deterrent.

Recently, rumors have been circulating that the Jets are said to be ready to put their rumored first-round picks in a potential trade package for Rodgers on the table.

So the planes did their homework. Now it’s your turn, Mr. Rodgers!

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