Germany-wide Lidl recall: Never eat the frozen product

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Lidl has to arrange a callback. Foreign bodies may be present in a prepared meal. There is a risk of customer injury.

Dortmund – Suspicion of foreign objects such as metal, glass or plastic fragments is often the reason for recalls. While horror stories of internal bleeding are quite rare, eating food contaminated with foreign bodies can be dangerous for consumers. Lidl and Wernsing Feinkost GmbH are therefore jointly reporting the current recall.

Recall due to foreign objects in frozen product: Lidl counter must be working

When things need to be done quickly in the kitchen, many consumers like to reach for a ready-made meal. If it is a frozen product, it is doubly practical, because you can always have a quick meal in stock at home.

However, customers who have recently purchased bags of potatoes from Lidl and store them in the refrigerator should be careful. The takeaway is affected by the recall. Wernsing Feinkost GmbH on Friday (January 20) reported the product warning and stated that the frozen product was sold by Lidl throughout Germany.

The following details are known about pulling potato pockets:

  • project: “Beef Bacon Emmental”
  • Content: 600 gr
  • Preferred Before Dates (MHD): 07/14/2023 and 07/15/2023

Bags of potatoes were sold at Lidl. Now they are affected by the recall.

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Lidl’s recall: Foreign objects in takeaway become a health hazard

The reason given by the manufacturer for the recall is that in the said batches it cannot be ruled out that the potato pockets contained foreign bodies made of plastic. Lidl and the responsible authorities such as the Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety were immediately informed of the incident.

According to the manufacturer, the discounter also responded promptly and, for consistent consumer protection reasons, removed the frozen product from pre-sale. The two companies report that other foods sold by Wernsing Feinkost GmbH in Lidl are not affected by the recall. It can still be consumed without hesitation.

Lidl’s takeaway recall: What to do if you swallow foreign objects

But what is the danger of foreign bodies in food, such as Lidl potato pockets? The manufacturer itself says that a potential risk of infection when ingested cannot be ruled out. Lidl customers should therefore take the recall seriously and not consume the frozen product under any circumstances.

Foreign bodies can generally enter food at any point in the production process. According to the concept of HACCP (Quality Tool for Food Production), foreign bodies can have the following sources:

  • Machinery and systems – such as bolts and seals
  • Packaging materials and aids – such as paper, plastic and wood chips
  • Natural ingredients in raw materials – such as fruit stones, plant parts, and bones
  • Personal – such as jewelry, patches, hair, etc.
  • Pests – eg cockroaches and beetles
  • Glass from packaging materials or plant parts – such as broken glass and shards of glass

Especially with pointed or sharp objects, it can have unpleasant consequences. to me Coughing, retching, shortness of breath or infections in the mouth and throat as well as in the esophagus. If you notice that you have swallowed a foreign object, you must first of all remain calm and watch for possible symptoms.

If the pain becomes noticeable, you should inform the emergency services or doctor. If you are not sure if you have swallowed a foreign object, that is a good sign. Because it is usually a very small foreign body that the body can usually handle without having any serious consequences.

Calling Lidl’s Potato Pockets: Affected customers must do so now

If Lidl customers have potato pockets filled at home, Wernsing Feinkost GmbH indicates to affected consumers that they can return the takeaway to any discount branch throughout Germany. You will get a refund even without presenting the receipt.

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