My trip to the Handball World Cup in Poland: It will never be an electric car!

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Lead reader Anton F. Rented Tesla car from Hanover to the Handball World Cup in Poland to support the German team. His record is ruined.

You have to plan a trip with a Tesla electric car differently.

You have to plan a trip with a Tesla electric car differently. Friedrich Bangert / Imago

From 2035, only zero-emission electric cars will be allowed to be sold in the European Union. But until then, it is clear that many problems still need to be solved so that electric cars are not only suitable for the city, but also for longer distances.

Anton V. Distance from Hanover to Katowice: about 800 km.

He enjoyed the games in Poland, but driving a Tesla became a nightmare for him and his friend.

Here is his story:

The Thursday before last, my friend and I, both ardent handball fans, left early in the morning for the World Handball Championship in Poland. At first we had to choose a rental car. Traveling with Deutsche Bahn was not an option for us because we wanted to attend many matches and had to commute between Katowice and Krakow. Our first target on Thursday was the Qatar-Netherlands game at 3:30pm in Katowice. The delay was not part of our plans.

With a combustion engine, you don’t have to worry about that

My biggest disappointment was when the rental car company could not provide us with the VW combustion engine we had pre-booked: the car did not have a reasonable profile for winter tyres. As an alternative, we were offered the Tesla Model Y, which immediately gave me a bad feeling. With an e-car around 800km away and back, is that a joke? I also heard rumors that the battery capacity is not as sufficient in the winter as it is in the summer. However, the manager assured that everything will go well and highlighted the free charging at Tesla charging stations as an advantage. In the end, we had no other choice, because we finally wanted to leave.

We had to plan our route differently now, because with an e-car, you only have a few options for charging. With a combustion engine, you don’t have to worry about it: fill up at the next gas station and drive on. However, with Tesla, we had to plan the time to charge in advance and spread it out on the road. At least the track function helped us and showed all the Tesla filling stations on the map.