Bena Toprak’s Total Loss: “Unbelievable Pain”

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Despite suffering a nasty crash just before noon on Thursday, Toprak Razgatlioglu (Pata Yamaha) continued to set the best time on the second day of Superbike testing in Jerez.

Toprak Razgatlioglu led a 1:38.597 min on Wednesday with Pirelli’s SCX racing soft rear tire. Like all the other top drivers, Al Turki had a proven qualifier for his fastest lap on Thursday and improved his time to 1:38.269 minutes.

That meant first place again—0.083 seconds behind second-placed Kawasaki star Jonathan Rea.

The 26-year-old caused quite a shock in the Yamaha pits shortly before noon when he made a hard landing while braking for the final corner on lap three. While Toprak was very lucky, his R1 was compiled.

“I was really fast in the fall—I don’t fall often, but when I fall I do,” Razcatlioglu told “I grabbed the brake and it crashed, it wasn’t normal. The bike hit me when I fell, and I have pain in my lower left leg. I hope nothing is broken. At first I was sure my leg was broken. I was in incredible pain. Then I tried to move my leg and managed to Walk again. The wound has just been cleaned and I am back.”

Later that afternoon we saw the Yamaha Ace driving around to “keep me warm,” he grinned. It probably won’t break anything, but Toprak says, “I’m sure the pain will come in the night.”

Superbike: Jerez Test Times, 25/26. January 2023
put Driver (Nat./Motorcycle) Wednesday Thursday
1. Toprak Razgatlioglu (TR/Yamaha) 1:38.597 minutes 1:38.269 minutes
2. Jonathan Rea (UK/Kawasaki) 1:39,302 1:38,352
3. Alvaro Bautista (E/Ducati) 1:38,851 1:38,449
4. Michael Rinaldi (Me / Ducati) 1:39,240 1:38,646
5. Alex Laws (UK/Kawasaki) 1:39684 1:39,175
6. Dominique Aegerter (CH/Yamaha) 1:39,934 1:39,193
7. Andrea Locatelli (Me/Yamaha) 1:40227 1:39,280
VIII. Danilo Petrucci (I / Ducati) 1:39,790 1:39,311
9. Iker Licona (Honda) 1:39,883 1:39,337
10 Remy Gardner (Australia/Yamaha) 1:40,551 1:39,464
11. Loris Paz (F/BMW) 1:41,040 1:39,517
12. Scott Redding (UK/BMW) 1:39,998 1:39,710
13. Xavi Vierge (E/Honda) 1:39,879 1:39,860
14 Philip Ottle (d/Ducati) 1:40,234 1:40,023
15 Garrett Gerloff (USA/BMW) 1:40,065 1:40,101
16 Michael Vd Mark (NL/BMW) 1:40,769 1:40221
17 Tom Sykes (UK/Kawasaki) 1:40,882 1:40750
18 Lorenzo Baldassarri (I / Yamaha) 1:41,726 1:40,975
19 Florian Marino (F/Kawasaki) 1:43,214 1:41,553
20 Oliver Koenig (CZ/Kawasaki) 1:41,630 1:41,595
Supersport: Jerez Test Times 25/26. January 2023
put Driver (Nat./Motorbike) Wednesday Thursday
1. Nicolò Polega (Me / Ducati) 1:42.454 minutes 1:41,685 at least
2. Kan Onko (TR/Kawasaki) 1:42,466 1:41,858
3. Federico Caricasolo (I / Ducati) 1:42,538 1:42,012
4. Adrian Huertas (E/Kawasaki) 1:43455 1:42,923
5. Andrea Mantovani (Me/Yamaha) 1:43,066 1:43149
6. John McPhee (UK/Kawasaki) 1:46,254 1:43665
7. Yuta Okaya (J/Kawasak) 1:46,225

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