Jamila and Gigi charm the jungle camp

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Cordalis ropes himself apart, Babis has to leave camp, and Jamila and Gigi are the 15th day dream team. But someone also had “their period.”

First things first: It’s Saturday. Or as Jamila says: “Today we’re going to get a bra for the weekend.” We are fast approaching the final. Six hopefuls in the woods are still racing, but only one can “get 100,000 euros” and, as Claudia said shortly before her expulsion, “fulfill a fee dream again”.

Wait a minute, Claudia! As a “Pearl” from Effenberg & Dirndl designer, don’t you have enough grit on the high rim? Once again, the viewer can watch how, in a wonderfully hypocritical way, she pretends to have made up with Gigi again and “waits for him at the hotel bar”, while whistling in the back: “I don’t want to have anything to do with him outside.”

Once the player’s wife takes her turn, she blooms as beautiful as the most beautiful daytime flower. Meanwhile, she admits that she could hardly imagine that time in the woods would ever end. We get to see your adorable normal issues, like when that stupid printer dies and you don’t have the technical expertise to get the bitch working again before, of course, smashing it in anger.

It’s not easy being Lucas Cordalis.

Jamila, a mother of two, says she would like to communicate more with her son. Not just because of the printer of course. Once again, she offers insight into her past: an official eighth-grade certificate, a Stasi check and a lifelong dream of going to university. Also: the honest statement that you did everything possible to be present in one way or another. But we can currently see from the Cordalis-Katzenberger clan that too much presence can backfire. Every day brings with it a new embarrassment. From the outside as well as from the inside.

Jungle camp on TV

“I’m a celebrity, get me out of here!” It can be seen daily at 10:15pm on RTL, Fridays at 9:30pm. And of course the show is also available on RTL+.

You can no longer unravel all of Costa’s descendants’ attempts to position themselves in his father’s light. He sometimes seems awkward, almost weird, like when he “makes peace with Gigi and Daddy because he can.” On the other hand, at the same time, there is this terribly annoying smugness of constantly appearing as if one is intellectually superior to others. Yes, we know: “It’s not easy being Lucas Cordalis.”

Now of course you have to say: Lucas Cordalis is not a bad or malicious person. But he is clearly living in a delusion and disintegrating himself day by day. And that doesn’t mean there’s no point in fake small talk or clumsily trying to address deeper issues and saying things like, “I imagine it’s great in Senegal.” Or: “Parents always do what is best for their children.” It takes less than two minutes for the remaining comrades-in-arms to become suspicious and then announce it broadly and in plain words on the jungle telephone.

“In there – with these creatures.”

Not a day is without testing in the woods. For Julina and Cosimo, it means: “No more airing.” The two have to dive for the stars into a tank that fills more and more water and transports them through an underwater maze with magnets. The test isn’t easy, especially when you’re swimming and diving among sea snakes, crabs, lobsters, water spiders, and crocodiles. Not to mention the iguana that made itself comfortable on Cozy’s head.

With three out of six stars, he’s back at camp after an intense shouting match. However: super performance, super dive! When the adrenaline drains from Kousei’s body, he realizes he had a traumatic shock during the exam. “There – with these creatures.” He needs time to himself to process the impressions. Or as our Lucas notes: “Cosimo has his days.” number! Did he really say that? Yes he does.

Time for some heart and a lot of harmony. Gigi and Jamila go on a treasure hunt after talking about real and fake breasts at camp, because: “Women make the world beautiful.” And so the two came out to give us the most touching photos of the past few days. Both are balanced on an oscillating beam, at the end of which blocks are placed. Mission: Minor issue. Because it’s so sweet to see a beautiful Gigi hugging, cuddling, and supporting her. In short: the ultimate dream team. The treasure hunt ends successfully. Bonus: a little coffee for everyone.

What else happened:

Babis recounts the ordeals and retribution of homosexuals in his home country, Senegal. His story is heartwarming, as it has been several times over the past two weeks, while Jolina talks about feeling how hard it is to hide yourself. Despite these always touching destinies, the 15th is ultimately a beautiful day. How to praise Gigi’s good upbringing after provoking Cordali the day before to show up: This woman is a worthy jungle queen.

Should leave camp shortly before the semi-finals: Parents. However, he must urgently seek a lawyer, because as we have learned from Jamila in the meantime, this is actually “unacceptable from a legal point of view.”

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