Cosimo kicks the potted plant and reveals that the jungle camp wallpaper is fake

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Jungle Camp season 16 is in full swing. Cosimo has now accidentally exposed the fact that not everything is real on the popular RTL show. Because he hit a potted plant in the camp.

Murwillumbah, Australia – It’s been nearly 20 years since Jan. 9, 2004, when the first group of celebrities moved to jungle camp. Meanwhile, dozens of celebrity guests have faced auditions, bugs and arguments with fellow activists who make the infamous RTL format so legendary. The broadcaster is currently showing the 16th edition of the Jungle Tournament – which celebrates its grand finale on January 29th and chooses one of the brave stars as the winner.

Actually hit the deepest jungle? A lot is fake in jungle camp

For most viewers, the highlights of Jungle Camp are more likely to be the grueling challenges that have pushed many celebrities to their limits, or the day-to-day drama between warring stars. But the jungle set on Australia’s Gold Coast isn’t always jam-packed and explosive – even the emotional moments, in which jungle camp candidates show themselves more authentically than ever, are well received by audiences. Despite these heartwarming scenes, not everything in the camp is as real as it seems.

A dance of joy with disastrous consequences: Cosimo, Gigi and Claudia jump into a jungle camp after passing an exam – a potted palm tree falls off. © Screenshot / RTL + / I’m a Star – Get Me Out of Here! / Episode from January 21, 2023 (photomontage)

It’s no big secret that there’s a lot of jungle camp help and that the show isn’t really filmed deep in the Australian jungle. After all, it would be dangerous to physically abandon a dozen celebrities in the middle of nowhere with venomous animals around every corner. Apparently, RTL still likes to keep up appearances – which only adds to your embarrassment when the carefully thought-out deception is exposed.

Where was “Jungle Camp” really filmed?

Since the first episode of Jungle Camp flashed on screens on January 9, 2004, the broadcaster has often been accused of not filming the format in a real forest. Although it is shown on television that the warring celebrities are sitting in the shade of palm trees, tens of kilometers away from civilization, it is not that extreme. Because the movie “I’m a Celebrity” was filmed on a farm near the town of Murwillumbah, located in the Australian region of New South Wales. International versions of the show, such as the British “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!” also use the site. So it’s not the deepest forest, but not a TV with artificial trees.

(Source: tonight)

‘The Stars Get Too Little Abused’: Jungle Camp fans complain about the fake set

You have to look closely, but in episode 8 of the current jungle camp season, the forest illusion explodes for a split second. After passing the bush test, Cosimo Cettiulo (41), Gigi Berofio (23) and Claudia Effenberg (54) danced joyfully in a circle and jumped around it wildly. Because the ‘Checker vom Neckar’, as Cosimo calls himself, bumps into a slowly tilting palm tree – and for a millisecond you can see the bowl in which the plant is stuck.

Cosimo’s mistake in the palm of the hand is a bit embarrassing, but fans are clearly amused, if a little surprised. “It has long been known that extra plants are placed where there are few,” one Facebook user wrote, “so-called stars are mistreated by way too little for their money,” while another appears to slam the fake jungle. The user cannot resist a joke about nature lover Jana Palask (43 years old), who had to leave camp on day 12: “The waterfall is artificial, the pool, the stones, the plants, everything is art. Jana felt connected to the power of the elements of nature.”

It doesn’t matter if it’s a real jungle full of poisonous snakes or just a TV set – tasty entertainment is always guaranteed at Jungle Camp. And the dangers of the Australian jungle can’t be escaped at the Murwillumbah facility either. Because after the jungle camp alert, RTL had to intervene. Sources used: RTL+ / I’m a Star – Get Me Out of Here! / Episode from January 21, 2023, tonight.de, Facebook

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