WWE Friday Night SmackDown #1227 results and report from Detroit, MI, USA on 01/27/2023 (including voting and videos)

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World Wrestling Entertainment “Friday Night SmackDown #1227”
Where: Sames Auto Arena in Laredo, Texas, USA
First broadcast: January 27, 2023
Spectators: about 7,000 spectators

We see a summary of the charges against Sami Zayn that took place Monday night on RAW. This ended in a temporary acquittal, but Roman Reigns planned a final test for the Canadian at the Royal Rumble.

The Usos withdraw in front of the hall and escort Solo Sequa. Sami Zayn passes by Ji Uso and thanks him for his support on Monday. Jey just wants Zayn to leave quickly because it’s against the clan’s rules right now.

Michael Cole welcomes us to the Tonight Show alongside Wade Barrett. The two go through a tag match in the evening. Rey Mysterio and Karrion Cross meet first. As Cross moves on, we see a flashback to the feud.

1. Match
Singles match
Rey Mysterio defeats Karrion Cross (w/ Scarlett) via a one-roll pinfall.
Game time: 07:20

– Cross tried to expose Mysterio, but he managed to prevent it.
The 619/Frog Splash combo yielded only two counts.

Cross doesn’t believe it because Mysterio vanishes triumphantly backstage.

Match progression Flo: The “RAW is XXX” match between Austin Theory and Bobby Lashley, where Brock Lesnar interfered, recap.

Austin Theory is also on SmackDown today and is heading to the ring.

But before that, the ladies from Damage CTRL had their say. They state that once they are in the ring and working together, it is impossible for the competition to win.

But now the theory has its say. He shouted: “The hero is here!” He brags about defending his title against Lashley and promises to win the Royal Rumble. But he did not go any further because he was interrupted by the new day. Kofi Kingston declared that there are only three Austins he respects. Austin Creed aka. Xavier Woods, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Austin, TX. Woods states that SmackDown is an hour shorter than RAW, so the theory should get to the point faster. In the end, it turns out that both men from New Day are at the Royal Rumble. The theory goes on to say that he is the biggest star in WWE. Miz can’t let that sit and walk out now. He also promised to win the Royal Rumble match. A New Day also laughs its head off about this and a fight eventually breaks out. Apparently, Lashley also wants to do this and comes to the ring. He separates the four men. Theory gets a smashed shaft in the process. Lashley enjoys “Bobby’s” rocking songs. Lesnar comes through the audience and gives Lashley an F5. “See you tomorrow,” says Lesnar — who may also be at the Royal Rumble.

Behind the scenes we see Kevin Owens. As mentioned earlier, Solo will face Sekoa today. The latter is also preparing.

After the ad we see Rhea Ripley. She promised to win the Royal Rumble because it’s the year of the mom.

Next up is Lacey Evans, who appears as a heel. She salutes in the ring.

2. Match
Singles match
Lacey Evans defeated Jazmin Allure via submission into the Cobra Clutch.
Match time: 02:15

The public doesn’t seem to care much about Evans despite countless promotional videos in the past few weeks and months.

Evans grabs a microphone after the match and also announces her participation in the Royal Rumble match. Then you throw gravity onto the top ring rope.

Kayla Braxton guest stars Sheamus and Drew McIntyre. The two bet each other as winners of the Royal Rumble match and hit each other in the box at first, but this quickly escalated. Braxton cautiously reminds her of today’s match against Hit Row. The two settle down and vow to deliver Banger after Banger after Banger.

Another video was recorded of Cody Rhodes.

Sheamus and Drew McIntyre make their way to the ring but are attacked by the Viking Raiders. After the commercial, Hit Row celebrates their entry into the finals as McIntyre and Sheamus may have to give up their spot in the tournament. However, Adam Pearce says there is no goodbye and he has found a replacement.

2. Match
SmackDown Tag Team Championship Contenders Championship Semi-Final Tag Team Match
Ricochet & Braun Strowman defeated Hit Row (Top Dolla & Ashante Adonis w/ B-FAB) via Strowman pinning Adonis after a Monster Bomb.
Match time: 05:56

Kayla Braxton now has Kevin Owens with her. She wants to know why Owens would have to deal with another member of the bloodline today. The Canadian says he wants to eliminate as many members of Bloodline as possible before the Royal Rumble. Usos want to boycott him. But Pierce sends her out of the ring and calms the situation down.

After the announcement, we see Asus exit the arena. J calls Sami Zayn and asks him for a favor.

Bray Wyatt celebrates entering the ring. However, it is revealed that he is an LA knight in disguise carrying a small flashlight. He still remembers Monday’s cries of “Talk to us!” So he wants to oblige us to do so. He wonders why Undertaker had to help Bray Wyatt, but the answer is clear – no one wants to take on the LA Knight alone. Knight tells Wyatt to get out. Suddenly he sits down in a rocking chair on the slope and says it’s time to talk. He dwells a bit more on tomorrow’s match before the two men are interrupted by Uncle Hoody, who is in the top tier of the ring. This goes into advertising.

3. Match
SmackDown Tag Team Championship Contenders Championship Semi-Final Tag Team Match
Imperium (Ludwig Kaiser & Giovanni Vinci) win over Llegado del Fantasma (Cruz del Toro & Joaquin Wilde w/ Zelina Vega) via Kaiser pinning Wilde after the Imperial Bomb.
Match time: 12:19

So the next episode of SmackDown will feature the final pairing of Imperium vs. Strowman/Ricochet.

Video Capture Tomorrow’s Royal Rumble.

Xia Li can be seen in the video promising to win with hype.

We see Sonya DeVille upset Charlotte Flair on the Out of Character podcast in another video. So Flair is in Adam Pearce’s office and says she wants to give Deville a title match. Pierce agreed and made it official next week.

4. Match
Singles match
Kevin Owens defeated Solo Sekua via disqualification, after interference from Sami Zayn.
Match time: 10:17

By 8:30 Owens had defeated Sekoa, but Zayn pulled Sekoa out of the ring and prevented the pinfall. Sekwa ​​then accidentally hit Sami Zayn with a superkick.
– Sekoa attacked Owens with a chair but he couldn’t take advantage of it.
– Owens pounded Sequoia hard onto the commentary table, but she stayed intact.
– Owens threatened Zayn with a chair, but he hit Sekoa with it, leaving the chair in front of Zayn.

Owens is victorious and goes backstage. Commentators go through tomorrow’s match card one last time before the show ends.

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