Lemon water helps lose weight – morning routine melts away fat

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It’s an integral part of many fitness guides: Citrus fruits. Lemons are a real silver bullet when it comes to losing weight, especially in your morning routine.

Frankfurt – In winter, it mainly helps to fight colds and strengthen the immune system. Citrus fruits contain a lot of vitamin C, and this is a well-known fact. But they should also play a supporting role when losing weight, writes Fr.

Lemon in particular is a small multi-level. In addition to strengthening the immune system, it also enhances complexion and focus. For your health, this is also recommended Federal Center for Nutrition (BZfE) To include lemon and other citrus fruits in the menu. Lemon water in particular is said to help shed those extra kilos.

Lemons are a real silver bullet when it comes to losing weight. (icon image) © Imago

Lemon lose weight: it is a real fat killer and very few calories

Lemon can be understood with confidence as the queen of citrus fruits – and the tropical family of Pisces belongs to the so-called superfoods. This means out loud consumer center Most of them are exotic foods that contain a large number of valuable vitamins and minerals; and low calorie. According to the Federal Center for Nutrition (BZfE), there are only 36 calories per 100 grams of lemon.

Not only do you consume fewer calories in a citrus-rich diet, but the small citrus fruits also help you lose weight. This is where the high content of vitamin C in citrus fruits comes into play again: it is important for the production of hormones, especially the happiness hormone serotonin and the neurotransmitter norepinephrine. Together, the two messengers ensure that your metabolism is stimulated, fat burning, and that you feel happy. This makes it a natural fat killer, reports Fitness Portal Fit for fun.

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grapefruit 40
Clementine 46
Lemon 36

Good medicine tastes bitter: a glass of lemon water every day makes you healthy

Now, some citrus fruits are more filling than others. Oranges or grapefruits are also sour, but can be enjoyed in fruit salads & Co because of their natural sweetness. This does not really apply to the miracle cure with lemon. If you still want to take advantage of its many advantages and, above all, want to lose a few pounds with it, you should not eat lemon, but drink its juice. And with plenty of water.

Lose weight with lemon water: low calories and fat burner

Drinking plenty of water is generally touted in the fitness world as a true weight loss miracle. A research team led by Rebecca Muckelbauer of the Berlin Charité examined the effect of drinking water on weight loss in a study. Result: Increased water consumption had a positive effect on diet success in older groups of people. “Participants who drank about 1 liter of water per day while on the diet lost about 1 to 2 kilograms more than those who only participated in the diet program,” the study said in a press release.

However, in healthy adults who did not diet, there was no relationship with body weight. Six other cross-sectional studies, with participants of different weight classes, produced contradictory results, according to the researchers. As a support to the diet, increased water consumption can increase weight loss success. According to the researchers, whether increasing water intake makes you slimmer remains to be proven scientifically. However, in principle the following applies: “Drinking water does not hurt” and if you drink water instead of juice and lemonade, you can save a lot of calories just by doing so.

Lose weight with lemon water: It is best to include it in your morning routine

If lemon comes into play, fat burning has two aspects. Fitness Specialists Fit for fun Guess: Just squeeze half a lemon and put it in a medium cup of water. This is certainly not for gourmets, but as the old saying goes: good medicine tastes bitter. Therefore, it is better to include in the morning routine and drink a bitter cup of lemon water immediately after waking up; before coffee. This not only has the advantage that the metabolism and fat burning start directly and curb appetite early on; The sour taste also acts as an extra refreshment. A good and healthy breakfast is an important building block when it comes to losing weight, as well as getting enough exercise.

Start with the weight you want

The weight loss program “21 days to lose weight” is based on warm lemon water in the morning. The course has been developed by experts in medicine and psychology and focuses on the teaching of Ayurveda. With a healthy diet and a little exercise, you can achieve your desired weight. Here is the boot path (promotional link).

Healthy weight loss: Don’t put lemon and ginger in boiling water

In addition to lemon, ginger has proven to be a healthy home remedy that is said to help you lose weight. Ginger contains essential oils and pungent substances, especially gingerol and shogaol. These stimulate the secretion of saliva and gastric juice and have a digestive effect, according to consumer portal Bavaria. When preparing ginger and lemon water, the water should be boiled and allowed to cool slightly. This is important because a lot of vitamins can be lost if the heat is too high. The ascorbic acid in lemons is extremely sensitive to light and heat.

Lose weight in a healthy way by following a varied diet

The German Dietetic Association (DGE) also recommends a healthy and varied diet while dieting. Based on the scientific findings, DGE formulates 10 Rules for Healthy Eating and Drinking on its website.

Therefore, do not pour the juice of half a lemon into boiling hot water, but wait until it becomes lukewarm. Finally, add a piece of peeled ginger. If you like, you can sweeten the tea with a little honey. The intrepid can also pour lemon juice into their coffee. Follow Favorite

Editor’s note: The tricks and information mentioned in this article cannot replace a healthy, balanced diet. Use our nutrition tips only as a supplement to a varied, healthy diet. The information in no way replaces professional advice and is not intended for independent diagnosis or treatment.

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