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Opinion Nothing new in the West.

This has never happened before at the Oscars

Felix Kammerer in Felix Kammerer in

Felix Kammerer in “Nothing New in the West”

Source: Reiner Bajo / NETFLIX

The German anti-war film Nothing New in the West earned a unique nine nominations, including Best Film of the Year. Even “Das Boot” couldn’t do that at the time. But if we look at it roughly, the favorite movies are the other ones.

HIndeed, one thought the sensational news from Los Angeles would be if the Austrian film Corsage with actor Florian Techtmeister, accused of possession of child pornography, would receive an Oscar nomination. Now obviously, another Oscar piece of news was even more exciting: the nine nominations for the German film Nothing New in the West.

Let’s first deal with the “corsage” topic. The five nominees for Best International Film are Quiet Ireland, Nothing New in the West, Argentinian Argentina, Belgium Close and Polish Eyo, the last three from Cannes. It is not possible to assess whether the Teichtmeister scandal has harmed “Corsage”. The deadline for casting nomination votes began on January 12 and ended on January 17, and the scandal was announced on January 13. No one knows how quickly the news will reach America, where 90 percent of the electorate is. In any case, it’s a solid movie year, the strongest since the start of the pandemic, and there was enough competition that it was at least of equal value.

Florian Techtmeister as Emperor Franz Joseph V

Florian Techtmeister as Emperor Franz Joseph in Corsage

Credit: Felix Fratni/Almod Film

Nine German film nominations is a unique event in the 95-year history of the Oscars. Moreover, it’s a “German” film through and through, mostly spoken in German (and some French), quintessentially German subject matter (WWI as seen by German conscripts), and there was a German knack from the director to cast the sound on; It is one of the last films directed by the recently deceased director Simon Barr.

It’s a Netflix movie that premiered in our cinemas. Netflix’s involvement is key here because it’s streaming policy to target talent in local countries; If a traditional studio had remade Remarque’s novel, international stars would have flown there, like Tom Cruise for Stauffenberg’s role in Operation Valkyrie.

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Admitted: Florian Testmeister

The uniqueness of the issue also includes the fact that “In the West” is the best for both “Best Foreign Language” and “Best Film of the Year” in general, which is a very rare moment, the last of which was “Parasite” from Korea, which actually happened in 2019. He won the highest trophy. Das Boot, the most nominated German film to date, reached six places in the final selection in 1981, but not in the two “best” categories.

Which brings us to the water in the wine. Because the net number of nominations says nothing about the film’s final chances. You have to look at the “Big Seven,” which are the seven categories that matter most: Best Picture, Director, Lead Actor (Male/Female), Camera, Screenplay (Original and Adapted). If you count the nominations there, other favorites will come out: “Everything everywhere at once” (four out of seven), “The Banshees of Inisherin” (also four), “The Fabelmans” (three). “In the West” also has three of that number, Best Picture, Camera and Adapted Screenplay, and the remaining six — sound, music, international film, make-up, set design, and visual effects — have a chance at the March 12 Awards. Ceremony is not bad at all.

Michelle Yeoh is everywhere in everything at once

Michelle Yeoh is everywhere in everything at once

Source: David Bornfriend / Leonine Distribution

Everything everywhere at once could become the new Coda. Last year’s coda started off with a few copies almost unnoticed and has slowly gained ground. Same with Everything, out with us in April 2022 (still at the cinema in Berlin), is a sci-fi adventure that begins in a laundry and ends in a multiverse, starring the gorgeous Michelle Yeoh as usual oriental action star.

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