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The “last generation” wants to expand the blockade from February – and criticizes the minister who “did not understand anything”

“They obviously want to destroy the road here.”

Activists from the last generation pretended to be construction workers and blocked the road in front of the Ministry of Transport. The police intervened at the last moment. You talk about a new quality in this campaign.

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Starting from February 6, activists of the “last generation” want to intensify the blockade. The goal is to extend the protest to “the whole republic”. The Federal Research Minister sharply criticized the announcement, saying, “Those who want to put the country into a dead end understand nothing.”

BGerman Research Minister Bettina Stark-Witzinger criticized the “last generation” climate protection protest group for announcing that it would expand its activities. “Anyone who wants to put our country into a dead end has not understood anything and has not learned anything,” the politician from the Free Democratic Party wrote on Tuesday. Twitter. She added that if you want to protect the climate and thrive, you have to rely on new technologies such as storing hydrogen or carbon dioxide.

Climate activist group Last Generation announced on Monday that its protests would extend to the entire federal territory. Starting February 6, businesses should be organized “in as many places as possible, as often as possible,” spokeswoman Amy Van Balen said at a news conference Monday. The goal is to extend your protest “to the whole republic” and to “boycott” everyday life. The resistance will be greater than ever. One wants to carry the unrest “to every town and village with more and more people.” The group didn’t specify exactly what the procedures should look like. The proceedings will remain peaceful.

The “last generation” has been protesting against the most stringent climate protection measures in a year. It mainly relies on closing roads and airports, with activists remaining in place. But there were also major protests in ministries, museums and concert halls. So far, streets have been closed mainly in Berlin and Munich, but there have also been measures elsewhere.

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The group is highly controversial because of its forms of protest, and in many cases there are investigations and processes, for example due to coercion. At their press conference on Monday, representatives of the “last generation” spoke about several hundred criminal cases. At the same time, they emphasized that they would not allow themselves to stray from their goals. Their actions have already sparked a public debate.

According to the spokeswoman, the group is still growing

On Monday, spokeswoman Carla Heinrich said that, according to their estimates, 800 people were involved in the stick-on street blocking action. There is no exact overview because the “last generation” does not have a list of members. The group is still seeing inflows.

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The group called on the government to convene a “Social Council” composed of citizens chosen at random. This should develop measures by which Germany will reduce carbon dioxide emissions to zero by 2030, the spokesperson said. The government should also undertake in advance to implement the committee’s proposals.

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