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Top 15 German Streamers January 2023 On Twitch – Viewership Numbers Vary A Lot

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Success on the Twitch streaming platform can come almost overnight and end just as quickly. You can see who is currently leading among German streamers on this list.

What is this list? This is a brief overview of the most watched streamers currently on German Twitch. If you want more information about individuals, you can find it here, for example:

The 5 biggest German followers on Twitch in January 2023: who they are and what they do

How did this list come about? This list was generated with data from the sullygnome website that collects stats and analytics about Twitch channels and games. Broadcasters are ranked according to their average number of viewers in the last 14 days.

Relevant broadcast priorities also refer to the last two weeks (as of 01/23/2023).

top 5

1. Elias “eliasn97” Nirlich

  • Average viewers: 35,738
  • Followers: 1,381,831
  • Focus: Minecraft, Just Chatting

Eliasn97 is actually known as a streamer for FIFA and rose to number 1 on German Twitch within a very short time. If there isn’t a new soccer simulator release, a lot is out at Just Chatting.

Like many of his fellow Twitchers, he’s currently caught up in the Minecraft hype.

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2. Marcel “Montana Black” Iris

  • Average viewers: 29,560
  • Followers: 4,822,615
  • Focus: Minecraft, Just Chatting

Unlike EliasN97, MontanaBlack has been around forever and is still #1 in terms of followers. Meanwhile, MontanaBlack’s streams are sparse and erratic. However, when it is shown live, it still attracts tens of thousands of viewers.

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3. Eric “Grunch” Collection

  • Average viewers: 19,347
  • Followers: 1,516,478
  • Focus: Just Chat, Variety

Gronkh is a veteran among German content creators. The Let’s Plays of games like Minecraft probably shaped an entire generation of German gamers.

Gronkh is now playing more casual games in his streams, such as his current road trip simulator The Long Drive.

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4. Frederick “NoWay4u” Hinteregger

  • Average viewers: 17,510
  • Followers: 584,644
  • Focus: League of Legends

Thirty-year-old NoWay4U is the leading League of Legends broadcaster in Germany.

He was a LoL pro for various teams for many years in the 2010s. From 2020 onwards, after his actual career as a professional ended, he even wrote headlines in esports as a middle-of-the-road hobby for NNO.

NoWay4u: How did you become the biggest German streamer on Twitch?

5. NNOPrime

  • Average viewers: 13,904
  • Followers: 38,398
  • Focus: League of Legends

Unlike most of the other entries on this list, this is not an individual stream, but the official account of the “Prime League” team of German esports organization No Need Orga (NNO).

A team of 5 players for the trio made it to the first league, in the first league itself, but other players will now compete for NNO for personal and business reasons.

The team’s matches are broadcast on the channel, commented on, and then analyzed. On average, more people watch than the official Prime League channel.

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Places from 6 to 15

  • 6. “GamerBrother,” with an average rating of 13,115 viewers
  • 7. “Trymacs,” with an average of 12,801 viewers
  • 8. “TisiSchubech,” with an average of 12,033 viewers
  • 9. “Kanousi” with an average of 11,849 viewers
  • 10. “xRohat,” with an average of 11,346 viewers
  • 11. “BastiGHG,” with an average of 10,110 viewers
  • 12. “Rizo,” with an average of 9,779 viewers
  • 13. “Eintracht Spandau” with an average of 9,601 viewers
  • 14. “Papaplatte,” with an average of 8,491 viewers
  • 15. “NiklasWilson,” with an average of 7,682 viewers

How are these numbers evaluated? You can clearly see that there are big trends on Twitch right now. In addition to big streamers like EliasN97, MontanaBlack, and Trymacs, which are almost always in the top 10, niche streamers like BastiGHG are capitalizing on the Minecraft hype.

The 2023 Spring Split of the Prime League kicked off on January 18th, which is why LoL is currently heavily represented on Twitch. Additionally, FIFA 2023 remains a huge game and Just Chatting is the dominant category overall.

The 5 biggest German followers on Twitch in January 2023: who they are and what they do

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